Home Warranty Companies are NOT
"All The Same".

We provide home warranties and service only in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Protecting yourself from unplanned expenses is smart, particularly if you don't know how reliable your home's appliances and systems are.

Our warranty covers major home systems and appliances regardless of age, make or model. With A Better Home Warranty Company, we have you covered.

Why Request a Quote from A Better Home Warranty Company?

  1. Your warranty service is scheduled when you first call us. No callbacks are necessary.

  2. No more waiting for a service call. We will be there and complete repairs the same day (24 hours).

  3. We provide 24/7 dispatch and service calls. Call us anytime and speak with a live person.

  4. We take full responsibility for contractors' work.

Proudly Servicing the Dallas Fort Worth Area: